I am not a journalist or part of the media. I am not a diplomat or politician.  I am just a guy who wanted to see the world with my own eyes. In each country I viewed magnificent sites that amazed me, met people who graciously welcomed and accepted me, and learned history and culture that enriched and educated me. Because of this great adventure, I am forever changed. My travels resulted in something so much larger and greater than what I had any ability to conceive.  Though I have gained so much from others, for my part, I made an effort to keep an open mind and an open heart–open to all people of all races, religions, and ethnicities. I continually encouraged myself to be outgoing and assertive so that I could meet others with whom I could build trust and offer service. My parents, who raised me in Altoona, Wisconsin– a small midwest American town — were role-models of compassion. I used their philosophies and example, along with my dental and medical knowledge and skills, to help whenever I could.  Though my goal while traveling was to see, experience, and learn, I also tried to help where I saw a need–and everywhere in the world there is need. There is also goodness and charity. I have countless memories of people–regardless of their own difficult circumstances– assisting me (especially with flat tires and vehicle breakdowns), feeding me, housing me, and proudly guiding me through their cities. To finance my travel, I worked long, consecutive days in Singapore. I have never had a sponsor to pay any of my travel expenses. My only camera was on my iphone. Still, I believe I captured many memories of mutual respect and affection that I experienced along my journey to see the world.