I partnered with the DentalCoop an NGO based in Spain.   This NGO, which has been working in Sahara since 2014, has two goals: training Saharawi dentists in Refugee Camps, and training dentists in the Liberated Zone, in which the NGO created a two-unit dental office in the Tifariti Hospital.  Tifariti is very isolated, the nearest airport is the tiny airport of Tinduf, Algeria.  From the airport it is an 10 hour four wheel drive from through the sand dunes.  Due to previous conflicts, anyone traveling must have official permission by both the Algerian and Sahrawi Republic.  

Since 2014, NGO Dentalcoop sent and supported 14 dental commissions with over 100 volunteers to set up the first Saharawi Oral Health Program that was created in collaboration with the Health Public authorities.  I helped to train dentists and demonstrate modern, Western practices along with treating many patients.