Many people are shocked to hear that I enjoy traveling solo. However, I have traveled solo to nearly every country I visited and have learned that though it’s certainly enjoyable to have a loving partner, an adventurous friend, or a generous parent along, there are also many advantages to traveling solo, so don’t rule it out!


  1. Easier to be a +1:

Easier to be +1 on a bus, flight, or tour that is almost or already booked. There have been several times I signed up for something and there was only one available spot available.  Even when full, often guides are willing to add just one more person.


  1. No Need to compromise

No need to compromise due to different interests, habits or needs (i.e., smoking breaks, sleeping late), or physical abilities (trying adventurous activities such as mountain climbing, running to catch a bus, etc.)–thus saving time and frustration.  However, the world would not be a very nice place if we were not willing to compromise or make concessions for others on a regular basis. I’m not promoting selfishness, just listing some not-so-obvious examples of travelling solo for those who may be afraid to try it.


  1. Frequency:

You can travel whenever you are free – that means even for a 3 or 4 day weekend you can go somewhere.  If you can only travel when another person is also free, you will travel much less because you will be forced to match schedules.


  1. Safety:

When you are all by yourself, you tend to look less like a tourist and more like a local; thus you may not be as much of a target for pick-pocketting.


  1. Opportunity:

You may be more likely to interact with locals and experience the culture. When you are with someone else, you tend to spend your energy and time interacting with them.  If you have no one that you know to interact with, you will be forced to interact and talk to the local people who may in turn invite you to their homes, celebrations, etc.